Our Team

Charles Humphries/Director

Charles founded HEAT Architecture in 2000 to foster an environment for architectural collaboration that is both creative and efficient. HEAT has since been responsible for over 150 residential projects and developments including Charles’s own award-winning Zinc House. His design style is influenced by a childhood in Rome in the 1960’s. “It was a place and time that combined elegant economical design with the decaying historical urban fabric in a coup de théatre”.

Charles studied at the Architectural Association in London before being recruited at the founding of the renowned London practice Munkenbeck and Marshall where he became an associate.

Charles Humphries/Director

Giancarlo Alhadeff/Associate

Giancarlo is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities and has lived and worked in Japan, UK, USA and Italy. Dedicated to design with an international point of view he has realised architectural projects in many architectural sectors such as hotels and fitness centers; restoration of existing structures including those recognized for their artistic and historic value; commercial and private interior design, including high-visibility,high fashion boutiques, offices, showrooms, shopping centers, restaurants as well as private residences.

  • Member American Institute of Architects (AIA), since 1977. Fellow, 2008.
Member Italian Architecture Licensing Board, since 1983.
President of AIA Continental Europe Chapter, 1999.
AIA liaison to ACE, Architects Council of Europe, 2005-2008.
Giancarlo Alhadeff

Sarah Burton/Associate

Sarah qualified as an Interior Architect in the USA, graduating first in her year at Kansas State University before coming to London in 2006 to join HEAT Architecture. Specialising in residential and retail design Sarah has been recognised for her award winning furniture design. She is CIDA accredited and NASAD accredited in Product Design. Sarah is a registered Interior Designer in the State of New York. Sarah’s approach to design combines sophisticated unfussy detailing with textures, materials and lighting to create striking interiors that retain an architectural clarity.

After five years based with HEAT in London Sarah has moved to New York where she continues to collaborate on residential projects.

Sarah Burton/Associate

Luis Silva/Architect

Luis studied at the University of Oporto gaining a Masters in Architecture; his thesis entitled "‘Dance Scenography’, an approach to the work of Frédéric Flamand” discusses the theatrical experience of movement in Architecture, an interest he developed while living in Palermo pursuing the challenges of international studies and embracing a dynamic different culture.

His sense of architecture derives in the same way, from choreography and scenography. He has been bringing designs to life in London for the last five years, designing and managing high profile residential projects, a couple of public buildings and master plans. Luis is a Registered Architect in Portugal and the UK.

Luis Silva/Architect

Michael Sanday-Ferrier/Assistant

Michael studied at the University of Western Australia where he surfed with sharks and gained a B.Arch in Environmental Design. He won an international scholarship for his M.Arch at the University of Brighton where his final thesis challenged the physical accountability of the people within Bank, London, through urban tea farming to instil a sense of place in an area of extreme hyper-connectivity.

Having spent a large amount of time in Asia, Michael has been fortunate to work on projects ranging from 11th century residential and monastic complexes in Tibet to embassy and hospital buildings in Kathmandu. His design for a boutique resort in the rural central region of Nepal is under construction.

Michael Sanday-Ferrier/Associate

Lorenzo Corsini/Assistant

Lorenzo ran the family extra virgin olive oil business in Tuscany and studied international relations at the University of Florence before switching to architecture; coming to London to gain a BA(Hons) at the University of Westminster and working on a number of high end residential and conservation projects with HEAT Architecture. He has an uncanny knack of bringing a sense of beauty and order to his designs and sketches.

Lorenzo Corsini/Architect

Alhadeff Architects

HEAT Architecture have a strategic partnership with Alhadeff Architects, an internationally renowned design studio based in Milan, collaborating over the last ten years on over 30 international projects for developers, corporations and private clients. This collaboration provides access to architectural resources and expertise in areas such as urban planning and landscape design as well as sophisticated Italian craftsmanship and detailing.



Charles Humphries/Director

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